Bubble Theme Preschool Classroom Lesson Plans

These  bubble theme lesson plans include playful reading, math, science, art, and sensory activities for preschool. This theme really grabs kids’ interest!

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This unique theme is a fun way to explore bubbles and science concepts with preschoolers.

All Preschool Teacher 101 Lesson Plans Include:

  • Recommended Book List
  • 1-Page Weekly Lesson Plan Grid with Activity Ideas for Whole Group, Literacy, Math, and Science each day
    • Alternate Editable Weekly Grids for 4-day, 3-day, and 2-day programs
  • 5 Daily Lesson Plan Sheets with Activity Directions and Materials List
  • 2-Page Center Descriptions
  • Related Printables
  • Skills Checklist


This 274-page bubble theme lesson plan includes:

1) Upper and lowercase Bubble Letter Puzzles (in color and b/w)

2) Bubble Number Cards, 0-35 (in color and b/w)

3) Bubble Counting Mats, 1-30 (in color and b/w)

4) Bubble Shape Mats (in color and b/w)

5) 10 Little Bubbles Song Chart with Large Piece for Singing Along and Acting Out (in color and b/w)

6) Bubble Recipe Experiment Planning and Recording Sheets (in color and b/w)

7) Bubble Number and Set Puzzles, 1-10 ( in color and b/w)

8) Counting Bubble Gum Emergent Reader and Activity, Numbers 1-10 (in color and b/w)

9) 2 and 3 Letter Word Building Bubble Mats with Word Cards (in color and b/w)

10) Real Photos

11) Additional Activities




Preschool Bubble Theme Lesson Plans with reading, math, science, art, and sensory activities inspired by bubbles

I used this resource with my summer school group! It was the perfect lessons to keep students engaged at all pre-k levels.

Happy Customer

I used this resource in synchronus online instruction. The graphics grabbed the attention of my ECSE students and helped keep the normalcy of their education as much as possible. When we do go back to the classroom I will continue to use this resource.

Tanja H. via TpT

Students were very engaged with the different activities provided. It was a great pack to have when I didn’t quite plan enough and needed something quick to grab. Loved it!

Ariel S. via TpT


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Many of our resources address a wide range of topics. This way we can help you cover many skills in an efficient way that is still fun and engaging for children. In this section we’ve listed the key skills, not necessarily all of them.

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    The lesson plans are set up as a 5-day lesson plan for full day classrooms.

    There are five suggestions for each of the whole group and small group lesson plan areas and at least two suggestions for each type of center.

    However the exact number of days may vary based on your daily schedule and regular routines.

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